Laura Zimmermann: A bit of madness is related to Operation of the Libero and was safe with, as we decided in the elections to join the fray. For us, it was not enough, only templates such as the help to sink enforcement Initiative of the SVP. We want to create and contribute to an open Switzerland. That is why we have declared these elections to “change choice”.

We were frustrated by the current Parliament in many areas for active arrest. No matter whether it’s about Europe, about the climate, or to parents time. We are convinced that There needs to be more progressive parliamentarians, who are willing to across party lines to cooperate with each other. So we decided to support such a candidate. At the end we have 38 candidates, of the FDP to the Greens, in twelve different cantons for the choice recommended.

Since we, unfortunately, were actually too optimistic: The Crowdfunding for the elections ran pretty bad. Why this was so, we are going to analyze now. We had to show why elections in the policy are as important, if not even more important lever than votes. But obviously, it is easier to mobilize the people for votes, where it’s a clear Yes or no. Add to this that during the election campaign, barely above content was discussed, what was to have been our goal.

I can understand the criticism of it. On the Board we discuss, therefore, before any large donation, whether we want to accept it. And clear: to Me, it would have been even better if we can Fund would donate to the election campaign with more Small, as was previously the case, the vote campaigns of the case. However, Crowdfunding is not a panacea.

If we rely solely on the Crowdfunding, we can make first of all, only campaigns, which appeal to the masses. Templates such as the burqa-the Initiative – which we reject out of state political reasons – it’s hard, because no-one has great sympathy for burqa wearers. Secondly, a forcing the Crowdfunding, and regularly campaigns – similar to a musician who needs to produce every half year a new Hit. This can also make you dependent. Therefore, we are currently thinking about how we will in the future Finance.

This is complete bullshit! No cents is paid to the applicant. We have made in each of the cantons of each of the campaigns for the totality of the politicians that we supported there. Secondly, we have obligated anyone to take our positions. Clearly, we wanted to know how the candidates on individual issues think – it makes no sense for us to support something that is 180 degrees represents a different Position than we are. But we required of anyone that he agrees in every point with us.

Funny you should say that. Since our founding, one tries to pigeonhole us. Three years ago we had as a “stealth bomber of (SP-Federal councillor, Anm. d. Red.) Simonetta Sommaruga”, as we used for the asylum law revision. Today, the accusation that we were the youth representatives of Economiesuisse comes from the left. Both is absurd.

no! And I don’t know where this conspiracy theory comes from. We have received one Time money from Economiesuisse, the 2015, an amount of 5000 Swiss francs. But the attacks from the left as from the right show that many have problems with a movement, you cannot assign to. To us this is quite right: We want to be an imposition and unrest remain the founder. If we are Everybody’s Darling, we have done something wrong.

The questions we felt every two weeks (laughs). Europe remains an important issue for us: next, the battle against the evil twin sister of the mass immigration Initiative, the number of foreclosures Initiative of the SVP. And we will continue to try to break up the SVP-the discourse of Europe. Unfortunately, the parties are still at the game field, established by the SVP 30 years ago. We want to dispel the prejudice that the EU is inherently bureaucratic and undemocratic.

we are discussing at the Moment. But one thing is certain: In a country that is considered two weeks ‘ paternity leave as a progressive, there are for surgery, the Libero still a lot to do.

Operation Libero

Operation Libero was founded five years ago, in October 2014, as a reaction to the adoption of the mass immigration Initiative and has positioned itself as a social and economic liberal movement. Switzerland is known throughout the Operation of the Libero was in the campaign against the enforcement Initiative of the SVP, which refused to the people in 2016, significantly. Co-President Flavia Small (29) and Laura Zimmermann (27).