Co-owner of the

as long as put in quarantine. IN JAIL. Talking about ekstrudirovannogo from Poland to Russia Vyacheslav Wisniewska — the co-owner of “the Winter cherries”. The Kemerovo shopping center, where exactly two years ago, there was a fire. The investigation considers that the cause of many casualties caused by irregularities in the reconstruction. And employees of the state Inspectorate turned a blind eye to these violations because Wisniewski gave them a bribe. The charges in this and they are going to present to the businessman, after serving a quarantine period.

the Border he crosses is not to say that lightly. Fled abroad from claims investigation co-owner of Kemerovo “Winter cherry” Vyacheslav Vishnevskiy to return home is clearly not expected.

“At the request of the General Prosecutor, the competent authorities of Poland has extradited to Russia the former head of the company “kemerovskijj konditerskijj Kombinat”, co-owner of the shopping center “Winter cherry” Vyacheslav Vishnevsky. He, according to investigators, gave a bribe of seven million rubles to the head of the State Inspectorate of supervision of the Kemerovo region Tensile Komkova. And she turned a blind eye to numerous violations during the reconstruction of the building of the shopping center”, — said the official representative of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Andrey Ivanov.

He was arrested in absentia in November 2018. A month later, declared in the international search. By the time he Vyacheslav Vishnevskiy had to live in Spain, then in hiding in Poland. Although the official Warsaw of his detention said a year ago, the decision on extradition was clearly not simple.

“the News is somewhat unexpected, because the situation with the extradition has lasted since July. And to be honest, I personally expected from the Polish authorities that they will give us the citizen. But now we will wait for the decision of our court regarding further measures of restraint”, — said the father of the deceased in case of fire in TTS “Winter cherry” Oleg Chmykhalov.

Professional football player Vyacheslav Vishnevskiy career ended in 2008. And began the path of a businessman. Headed kemerovskijj konditerskijj Kombinat. The one building which will very soon decide to turn into a shopping and entertainment complex. Dismantle floors — two floors will have four. Evacuation routes are actually block for additional retail space. And not install the sprinklers. And regulatory authorities have turned a blind eye, according to the version of the investigation, Wisniewski gave a bribe. Seven million rubles. And approval received.

“This is very important, because despite the fact that two years have already passed, of course, kuzbassovtsy wait for a fair verdict. And this decision shows that today law enforcement bodies, the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor’s office work on the plan. And purposefully go to today to identify those responsible for this terrible tragedy,” says co-regional headquarters of the popular front for the Kemerovo region Yury Skvortsov.

the Case of Consilii Komkova, she headed in the Kuzbass region Inspectorate of gosstroynadzor, began to consider the Central district court of Kemerovo. The prosecution is prepared to present and Vyacheslav Vishnevsky. Which, as it turned out, escaped from the investigation, time in vain did not lose.

“it was Established that after Wisniewski disappeared from the investigation, he continued his construction business in Spain. And money, including savings in the construction of a shopping center in Kemerovo, purchased an expensive property. In order to redress the result of measures have been taken to arrest possessed by Wisniewski and his mother land, houses, apartments, commercial real estate, both in Russia and in Spain,” — said the official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko.

However, investigative actions will have to wait. Exactly two weeks — 14 days karentin a prerequisite for each arriving from abroad. And enforced isolation have and prison staff, and employees of other departments in contact with the detainee during transport. Well, after Vyacheslav Vishnevsky will have to finally face justice. Like other 14 defendants in the criminal case about the fire, which killed 60 people, including 37 children.