The Spanish champion and the match organisers and FC Barcelona is threatening to take legal action after the club on Friday by the former vice-president, Emili Rousaud, in the Spanish media of corruption and was accused of being, for instance, the FC Barcelona announced in a press release.

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if The things are already in the room, in the eastern empire, and, on Friday, the action to the word, as follows: in addition to Rousaud joined by Enrique Tombas a vice-chairman, and the members of the board, Silvio Elias, Josep Pont, Jordi Calsamiglia, and Mary Texidor, left the club. Official dissatisfaction with the policies of the president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and in particular, in his approach to the coronacrisis, as we have seen, an open letter, which was distributed in the Spanish media. In addition, there were also questions with respect to payments on the company’s I3 Ventures, which earlier this year was hired to investigate what happens to the club will appear on our website.

In an interview with Catalan radio station, RAC1, took Rousaud does not mince words. “If a company says that they have hundreds of thousands of euros have to be charged, and we have to have a million euros have been paid, there is a person with their hands in the pot”, she said. “I have no proof, and haven’t had the chance to see who it is. The contract is divided into several parts, each two hundred thousand euros, so that it is not made by the audit committee, it would have to go.”

The club denies, in the meantime, and is threatening legal action. “After the serious and unfounded allegations of Emili Rousaud, to which the FC Barcelona is strongly to any form of corruption, and the club reserves the right to file criminal actions. The sectors of social networking, is currently the subject of an extensive independent audit by Price waterhouse coopers (PWC), which is still on-going.”

The coronacrisis have a major financial impact on the Catalan nation, which has previously led to a dramatic salarisvermindering in front of the players. Lionel Messi and co. delivered seventy per cent of their wages, and they had by the media to know. The opgestapte board members to ask Bartomeu to early voorzittersverkiezingen to keep up. Bartomeu has been in since 2014 and chairman, and the following year are not eligible for re-election.

He is the new the last for eleven years, no less than eight times, won the national championship in Spain and was also in charge when the LaLiga last month came to an end, as a measure to prevent the spread of the corona virus from entering the system. Spain has been one of the hardest-hit countries in the world, 15.238 deaths and more than 150,000 infections.