Cloudy weather is expected in Moscow in the coming days, with light snow in places.

On Tuesday, January 31, at night, forecasters predict a blizzard, wind gusts can reach 12-14 meters per second, the thermometer will drop to minus four degrees. Around zero in the afternoon.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the temperature in the city will be around zero during the day, at night it will drop slightly.

On Friday, January 3, it will be slightly cooler: up to six degrees below zero. From Tuesday to Saturday, there will be light snow in places in the capital.

Citizens can report accumulations of snow and ice in courtyards, on footpaths and in parking pockets through a single dispatch center by phone: +7 495 539-53-53. You can also submit a request using the “Call the Wizard” service on and in the “Electronic House” application.