A man from Augsburg was convicted of breaking into cigarette machines on a BMW site in Munich. He worked there as a caretaker. When police searched his home, they found tons of stolen merchandise. There are so many that his house threatens to collapse.

In March 2022, the police were looking for a man who had broken into six cigarette vending machines on the premises of the BMW company in the Milbertshofen district of Munich. The video from a surveillance camera finally led them to the trail of caretaker Ismail Ö. The pictures showed a man in a coat. That same piece of clothing was then found in the janitor’s locker.

When the police finally searched his apartment in Augsburg, they found that he had also stolen other things – and quite a bit. Clothing, backpacks, mugs, model cars, suitcases – the 58-year-old had stolen mountains of merchandising items from the company.

This now leads to a completely different problem: the statics of the house in which Ismail Ö. lives is endangered because of the sheer weight, including the stolen things – it threatens to collapse! Police spokeswoman Alessa Quintes on “Bild”: “The search was therefore canceled for security reasons.”

In the end, the police needed help to remove all the stolen goods. Officials borrowed a truck capable of 7.5 tons to drive everything away. The total value of the stolen goods: Around 50,000 euros Merchandising items and cigarettes worth around 10,000 euros.

Ismail Ö has the job at BMW. now lost. He is currently in a psychiatric hospital.