This steady reduction in incidence in the city of new virus allows the city authorities to take the next steps to return to the work of the health in regular mode. In particular, last week continued the process of reverse conversion of urban hospitals that during a pandemic, treated only patients with coronavirus. Previously to returning to their specialization added another 3 thousand beds. This is the hospital named after Yudina, the name of Spasokukotskogo, named V. Botkin. Thus, more than half of hospital beds deployed in the capital to provide medical assistance to the infected COVID-19, will return to normal operation, the Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova.

After the hospitals began to return to normal operation and the city clinics. It should be noted that sorely lacked Muscovites in these months. Because people are not only sick with coronavirus. They hurt my legs, back, heart… a significant part of the clinics entry for reasons not related to the coronavirus, has been suspended as on the basis of them worked 48 CT centers. These centers played a major role in the most difficult for capital moment, when the pandemic was at its peak incidence and most of the hospitals are already filled with sick people.

KT-centers took on outpatient examination of patients and helped to separate light from heavy patients. Treatment of the lungs of the city organized at home, controlling their state via telemedicine. In the hospitals began to receive only the most severe. To accurately diagnose them helped just professionals CT of all CT lung. They quickly learned to identify light with the so-called “frosted glass” – damage caused by a new infection. Survey them, let the doctors during hospitalization of these patients do not lose time carrying out a new diagnosis and start to treat.

“It was a kind of know-how in the world practice – organization-based clinics-hour CT centers. Now, when we see a positive trend in reduction of new cases, there is no need for such a infectious infrastructure. We have returned to standard mode 12 clinics, now returned for another 20 buildings KT centers to resume outpatient appointment”, – commented Anastasia Rakova.

She recalled that 48 CT-centers created on the basis of city polyclinics, made two months 185 thousand studies of patients with SARS, community-acquired pneumonia and suspected coronavirus, which is almost twice more than the number of lung CT scan conducted in clinics for the whole of last year. Because of this, the city managed to unload the bed network and at the same time to prevent many cases of severe disease development,” concluded Anastasia Rakova.

Now these clinics are disinfected in accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological standards, and the entire medical staff will check for coronavirus. The work of all doctors will be fully restored, and hospitals will return to the planned admission of patients.

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VAO, Ivanovskoe, Polyclinic № 175

Ul. Chelyabinskaya, d. 16, korp.2

2. HLW Golyanovo ,Polyclinic № 191.

Ul. Altai, d. 13

3. HLW Perovo, Polyclinic № 69

Ul. 2-ya Vladimirskaya, d. 31A

4. ZAO, Krylatskoe ,Polyclinic № 195

Ul. Krylatskie Kholmy, 51

5. ZAO, Ramenki, Polyclinic № 209

Ul. Ramenki, d. 29

6. ZAO, Krylatskoe, Clinical and diagnostic center № 4

Ul. Krylatsky hills, d. 3

7. CAO, Voykovskaya, Polyclinic № 45

5-y voykovskiy PR-d. d. 12

8. CAO, Timiryazevskaya, Polyclinic № 6.

Ul. Vucheticha, d. 7B

9. NEAD, Marfino, Polyclinic № 12

Ul. Akademika Komarova, d. 5, korp.1

10. The North-East, South Medvedkovo, Polyclinic № 218

shokalski PR-d, D. 8, p. 1

11. SZAO, Moscow, Polyclinic № 180

uvarovskiy pereulok, 4

12. CAO, Krasnosel’skii, Polyclinic № 5

Daev pereulok, 3, building 1

13. CAO, Tver, Polyclinic № 3

Ermolaevsky lane., 22/26, p. 1

14. CAO, Basmanny, Polyclinic № 46

Ul. Kazakova 17A

15. TSAO, Moscow Polyclinic № 68

Ul. Malaya Yakimanka, 22, bld. 1

16. Sad, Orekhovo-Borisovo Severnoye, Polyclinic № 166

Ul. Domodedovskaya, d. 9

17. Sad, Chertanovo South, Polyclinic № 170

Ul. Podolsk Cadets, d. 2, korp.2

18. SEAD, Vykhino-Zhulebino, Polyclinic № 23

Ul. Aircraft designer Mile, d. 6, korp.1

19. SEAD, Marino, Polyclinic № 36

Ul. Novomar’inskaya, D. 3

20. South-West, Konkovo, Diagnostic clinical centre No. 1

Ul. Miklukho-Maklaya, d. 29, korp.2