The Greek Poet Aesop, who lived around two and a half thousand years, is hardly known, famous for his fable of the young shepherd boy who comes again and again, crying out for help (“The Wolf is!”). The villagers rush to help, not a Wolf far and wide. Then, when the Wolf actually comes, people will stay at home.

Who entered in 1972 as a Teenager, a bookstore, must be pretty scared. The Bestseller “The limits to growth” was omnipresent. Who was 16 at the time, today is 63, and if he has read starting in 1981, the Hamburg magazine “der Spiegel” and kept, he finds in his collection today 38 Cover Stories, the predictions are more or less the end of the world: “The forest dies” (1981), “Who will save the earth?” (1989), “Before us, the deluge” (1995), “caution, end of the world” (2006), to name just a few.

the first Sex, the first shock

Everything you experienced for the first Time, remember how a brand, no matter whether it is the death of a loved one, the first Sex or the first long-distance trip in a different culture. This also applies to the initial shock of the message.

Even if the world is sinking, so these hasty prophecies have contributed to a raising of awareness.

young people who are still escaped with barely the age of puberty, throw a grizzled politicians, to inform the planet, because they are due to age, the consequences of their inaction won’t be experience. This is partially true.

And again, the world comes to an end

the passivity of The adults, but it has to do with the fact that the Older for 38 years, experience the World and survive and is now similar to that react like the villagers in the fable of Aesop. A Teenager who is still driven by the hormonal Tsunami in radical Black-and-White ideologies searches, missing due to lack of life experience is simply the possibility of something he experienced for the first Time, it is reasonable to classify it.

he Could, he would be aware that the unrestrained population growth is the biggest Problem of mankind. It is a very sensitive issue, the excluding rather. Thus, as the operator of Hotel Mama.

Claude Cueni (63) is a writer and lives in Basel. Recently, his new novel is “Waiting for Hergé”. Cueni writes normally every second Friday.