The climate activists of the “last generation” have disclosed their donation income in a transparency report. Accordingly, they received a total of 891,832 euros in grants last year. And they also list what the money was spent on.

The “Last Generation” received a total of 891,832.61 euros in donations last year. This emerges from a transparency report by climate activists. In addition, there is another almost 50,000 euros from the “Climate Emergency Fund”, which go directly to the members of the association – for lectures or training work.

Among other things, what the climate stickers spend their money on:

Again and again the climate activists stand out with their actions in the fight for the climate. Recently, for example, activists from the “last generation” occupied the entrance to the company headquarters of energy giant RWE. 25 to 30 people used it to demonstrate against what was happening in Lützerath.

A spokesman said they wanted to continue the action in Essen until the evacuation of Lützerath was stopped. RWE has been manipulating the German public and politicians for many years with false numbers, most recently again with the question of whether the coal lying under Lützerath is really necessary to maintain the energy supply. An RWE spokesman declined to comment on the action.