Boris Becker has been in prison for a few weeks now. Lilly Becker had to teach this situation to their son. In the interview, she now finds clear words that make it clear how annoyed she is by the situation.

Boris Becker has now been in prison for several weeks and cannot speak publicly about his current situation. His ex takes care of that again.

Lilly Becker (45) was annoyed in an interview with the English newspaper “Daily Mail”. Boris Becker has a son with Lilly, Amadeus (12). In the interview, Lilly complains that he didn’t even know his father was in court. She struggled with how to teach her son that his father was going to prison: “My instinct was to say it like it is, ‘Your father is in prison. He screwed up’. But you can’t say that to a 12-year-old, can you? Not when you’re a lion mom whose job it is to protect that kid.”

Amadeus also asks how his dad is, or what he gets to eat in prison. And answering those questions is tough for a mother: “I’m going to answer that as best I can, but it’s not fair that I’m in this situation. It’s not fair that Amadeus is in this situation.” And it becomes clear how angry she is at her ex: “Boris did it and I’m the one who has to clean up his mess now,” says Lilly Becker.

But she also admits that she still loves him: “I’ve had the best years with him, the best. And he gave me our son, so of course I still love him. But hate and love are like that,” she says, tying her fingers together.

Lilly Becker has been through a lot, as she says, since she separated from Boris Becker in 2018: “I have superpowers now.” But it was hard for Amadeus – first he had to deal with his parents’ separation, and now his loved one’s prison sentence dads. He is doing better now, as his mother explains. But she also mentions that of course he googles his father and she can’t help it: “He needs answers. He deserves answers.”

Boris Becker is no longer behind bars in the “horror prison”. It has been clear since Monday evening that the ex-tennis professional has been transferred to HM Huntercombe Prison. But what does the new life in prison look like for him there?

Boris Becker has left Wandsworth Prison and has been transferred to another prison. This is confirmed by his media lawyer.

Boris Becker has been in custody for around three weeks. Since then, many headlines have been circulating about his condition there. His lawyer has now cleared up some myths. This is how the former tennis star really feels.

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