Currently, Claudia Norberg spends the Self-quarantine together with her daughter Adeline in the house of her Ex in Cape Coral. Michael Wendler, with his partner Laura Müller in Germany, because in the case of “Let’s Dance” part.

“The ideal man”

By the contact and trip the ban is now due to the Coronavirus, can Claudia the man you met did not just see that “He is the chief Pilot of a private jet Airline. Actually, the ideal man for me is professional, independent and go can wherever he wants, whenever he wants“, trying to put Claudia to RTL.

It was already a Hit and the Pilot was in Florida, as Norberg reported: “in the Meantime, so he was here, we met and we would like to meet closer and he shall also come again, but at the moment we have no way.”

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