Sweden was one of the two European countries that have not “caved” under the coronavirus. The Swedish government decided to overcome the crisis, “a little blood”. It was decided not to close the economy, and to confine the prohibition of the mass event. Towards the end of the spring in Sweden began a surge in the incidence, which forced the authorities to admit mistakes. Now the situation is much better, but the country’s leadership encourages Swedes to work from home until 2021.

In the last couple of days in Sweden has finally come pretty good news. Chief epidemiologist of the country Anders Tegnell announced that the country was “very positive” trend of decrease of number of diseases. Despite the lack of a hard lock, the Swedes during the day was 318 new cases COVID-19, and the number of serious cases in need of intensive therapy, falls.

the mortality rate also continues to decline is a positive sign. The number who died from coronavirus infection of the Swedes has almost halved over the last week, it was announced 56 deaths compared to 101 a victim of the pandemic during the previous seven days. However, the Swedish authorities are not inclined to look at it with excessive optimism.

the Government of Prime Minister Stephen Leuven urged Swedes to work from home until the end of the year. This is an attempt to protect those whose physical presence in the workplace is necessary. As expected, the continuation of the work of the population into “remote” will allow you to avoid bearing the risk of spread of the infection of gatherings of people in public transport and workplaces.

public health Agency of Sweden said that “if our contacts will be resumed, then there is a significant risk of a second wave of coronavirus during the autumn”.

in Total, the country registered more than 80 thousand cases of coronavirus. In this case, one of the highest mortality rates per capita in the world (7.1 percent) – more than 5730 people in absolute numbers. This level is much higher than in the neighboring Nordic countries – Denmark (4,5%), Norway (2.7%) and Finland (4.4 per cent), where in aggregate there were about 1200 deaths (more died of the Danes – according to recent reports 615 people).

Sweden has tried to find his own recipe for combating coronavirus. Schools for children up to 16 years to remain open, not closed cafes, bars, restaurants and most businesses. The wearing of masks was recommended only for medical personnel.

This approach is in the style of “light” was based on hopes to acquire herd immunity, but the world health organization cautioned that too much to hope for immune response after infection with coronavirus. According to experts, for the development of “studtion” of the immune system resistant to the virus should be from 70 to 90% of the population.

as a result, it became clear that the attempt of Stockholm to overcome the virus, while retaining the economy was at least not too effective.

Swedish officials have promised to launch an investigation into the reaction of the country to coronavirus pandemic. The results will be announced in 2022 – just on the eve of new parliamentary elections.