the Inhabitants of the city in China, which coronavirusset has spread, get the message to sharpen smittebeskyttelse.

the Risk of a recurrence of the corona virus in the chinese city of Wuhan is great.

It says the communist party leader, in megapolis, writes the news agency Reuters.

Wang Zhongli, as redecorate is called, therefore, calls on the approximately 11 million inhabitants in Wuhan to hone their personal protection against the virus and as far as possible avoid leaving their homes.

the Controls in the city are also maintained according to Wang Zhongli.

Wuhan in central China is considered to be the place from which the virus has spread across the globe.

The first case of infected persons was discovered in Wuhan at the end of last year. In January, the number of infected and died so violently, that the city with 11 million inhabitants were cut off from the outside world, since the authorities 23. January introduced both check – in and travel bans.

Wuhan is ago closed partly up again, and according to the official reports from the health authorities in China is the outbreak in the city come under control.

Virusudbruddet in the city has according to official figures, claimed the lives of over 2500 people.

In Denmark and other countries, there is also a risk that a new smittebølge of coronavirus comes later in the year.

Christian Wejse, associate professor in the Department of public Health at Aarhus University, shall evaluate according to, that there is a high probability of a re-escalation to the fall and next winter.

Then the virus will show up as a seasonal influenza will break out in epidemics in the winter.

the Epidemics will become less and less severe as more develops immunity against coronaviruses.

– It will continue to circulate in the population, but create few and milder cases in the summer, and then it will flare up in the same way as the influenza epidemics in the winter, said Christian Wejse in march to


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