Unconfirmed news about the resumption of flights between Russia and Turkey have sharply increased the demand for tours to the country, reducing the popularity of local resorts. In some cases, tired of waiting for the opening of the borders travelers already solve the problem on its own, going on tours with departure from Minsk. It’s technically forbidden, but the control on the Russian-Belarusian border, experts say, “not solid”. According to the forecasts of market participants, in the case of a full resumption of flights Turkey can count on the 4 million Russian tourists this year.News about the possibility of opening flights to Turkey spurred the interest of Russian tourists to organized trips in the country, told “” some participants of the market. According to the calculations last week the trend has become a leader in the number of search queries, formed 42.2% of the total volume. Previously, the main demand was accounted for by tours of Russia, whose share has now been cut in half. Estimated Level.Travel, today, Turkey is the second most popular direction: after the news about the resumption of flights, the number of search queries in the country increased six times.The message about the resumption of flights July 15, citing the transport Ministry of Turkey issued a local Anadolu news Agency. But confirmation from the Russian authorities, the news is not received. The interlocutor of Kommersant in the industry said that actually it was about the consultation and the decision is not accepted: “Turkey hopes to start flights from July 25, they is unlikely to begin before August 1”.Kommersant’s source adds that the original speech will go, most likely, on the resumption of regular, not Charter flights. General Director of tour operator “Dolphin” Sergey Romashkin noted that on the background of the news of the sale of organized tours in Russia has decreased by 10%. Another source of “Kommersant” at the market communicates the demand high prices for holidays in Russia: “Most tourists are looking for hotels of a category four or five stars, but in the domestic market such means of accommodation are unreasonably expensive”.Formally, the opportunity to buy a tour to Turkey, while Russians are deprived. Representative Igor Blinov says that most of the major tour operators were removed from the sale for the next few days. However, in secret the Russians are actively go to Turkish resorts, and the beaches of Albania and Egypt through Belarus.Deals can be found on the websites of the Belarusian travel agencies, for example Mr. Blinov notes that we are talking about a small number of travelers: for most, such a scheme seems too expensive and complicated. Thus, according to him, going through Minsk now operate some bus routes. Mr. Romashkin connects it ��weak on actual control on the border. According to a top Manager, his company is the sale of accommodation in the Belarusian health resorts, but tourists are made aware of all the risks and asked to sign an agreement about absence of claims in the event of a problem crossing the border.The demand to travel through the territory of Belarus confirmed by the data of search engines. According to the calculations Aviasales, from 1 to 16 July, the number of search requests for tickets from Minsk to Turkey have increased 2.5 times relative to similar period of last year. In other areas no such jumps. Now officially the Russians unable to leave the country for work, study, treatment or care for relatives. But, as the managing partner of the Moscow office of the bar Association Pen & Paper Anton Us, in fact the control on the border with Belarus is not solid and aware of many cases movement of Russians the neighbouring Republic on the machines.According to estimates by source “b” in the tourist market, if in the near future between Russia and Turkey will be resumed only regular transportation, the country to the end of the year will be able to get 1-1,5 million Russian tourists, but if we will focus on Charter flights — 3,5–4 million people. The positive scenario assumes a reduction in inbound flow from Russia approximately in two times: in 2019, Turkey was visited by 7 million Russian travelers. Igor Blinov considers that the restoration of the stream will take about two weeks. When resuming the communication of 1 August, he said, by the middle of month figures will be released on the value of last year.Alexandra Mertsalova