the World-famous canadian company Cirque du Soleil’s firing of thousands of employees because of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, lay off thousands of employees. At first, according to the German weekly Der Spiegel, it is about 3480 people.

In the old days, on shows of the famous troupe annually gathered thousands and thousands of viewers in different countries, but the pandemic COVID-19 put the circus in difficult conditions: in the absence of the road and because of prohibition of public performances, the artists and the staff was nothing to pay. Because of the pandemic, the circus was forced to cancel several presentations in a number of countries, including six shows in Las Vegas. Cancelled and tour of the circus in Germany.

the newly successful business formed a huge debts that the circus management hopes to cover with the help of the canadian government and sponsor organizations. Circus expects to receive from them for current expenses about $ 300 million. In this case the authorities show troupe will be able to return most of the already dismissed workers, how will allow the economic situation. The decision on the allocation of government money must take the court in Quebec, after careful investigation Tuesday.