she is the most well-known Fitness trainer Switzerland Cindy Landolt (34). With both of their Instagram Accounts from Zurich, reached more than 750’000 Followers and is ranked at the most successful Swiss Influencers in 12th place. The muscle Queen shows a VIEW of your world.

Already as a 16-Year-old was Cindy Landolt in the weight room. “They told me that it is only for men. This made me all the more curious.” Since then, the 1.79-metre wide former “Miss Zurich” – a candidate trained in a day. In 12 years it has increased about 20 pounds, and just under 60-kilogram Model to the 80-pound Fitness icon changed. “I’ve done this profession, what makes me most happy,” says Landolt. Today, you tell her only rarely, she was “too male”. “Since muscles are also in women in the Trend, I have been bombarded with compliments.”

“The intensive exchange with my Fans is important to me. I get per week be determined 600 messages on Instagram and Facebook. Half of them are lewd offers, but that doesn’t bother me. If I am posing almost füdliblutt, then I provoke the also,” says Landolt, and acknowledges that many of the sports fans in your report. “My training plans have been downloaded 1.5 million Times down.”

To Cindy Landolt’s customers include, among others, TV and radio presenter Roman Kilchsperger (49), shock-star Beatrice Egli (31) and comedian René Rindlisbacher (56). But also big names from business and politics to train regularly at the muscle woman in your Gym in the Zurich Seefeld. Some clients also let you all the way to St-Tropez (F) or Ibiza (Spain) fly-in. “You don’t want to miss during the holidays in my Work-out.” Around a third of the year, the Fitness Star abroad spends.

Cindy Landolt also provides with your erotic pictures dressed in skimpy clothing caused a sensation. “I’m proud of my body and show him. That’s why it’s Fun for me to pose for sexy shots.” In 2013, they had an increase in Miami (United States), the Breasts to achieve the perfect mass 110-70-110. “I provoke fond of, this way I can make both sides of my followers happy – both those who found me as a fitness model is great, as well as all of the female muscles.”

“I pay a lot of attention on a well-balanced, protein-containing food, give me like, two glasses of wine in the evening. That’s fine, if you drink, you eat,” says Landolt. “Otherwise, I advise against excessive consumption of alcohol, because the body needs three days to the poison and flush out again and to be able to build muscle.” Of anabolic steroids or other illegal performance-enhancing substances, Landolt holds nothing: “I don’t want to do that to my body.”


According to a recent study by the Swiss accident insurance Suva prison has doubled, the number of accidents in the fitness centers within ten years. “Through the fitness hype, many customers expect quick progress. You are overexerting your body and hurt yourself so much faster,” says Landolt. “It is especially important at the beginning, you will be accompanied while you Work out on the equipment by a qualified person.”

the current Fitness Trends

With these devices, you can monitor his movement, level steadily, and progress is self-control.

weight: Is very cost effective.

: A trendy Form of group training on Spinning bikes. Up to 24 people struggle together in the dark room, loud Sound, and a matching Disco lighting.

: whether it’s Boxing, Yoga or aerobics – the main thing is together.