Cigarettes can rise in price by 25% in 2020

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In Russia in 2020 is expected to increase prices on cigarettes. The cost of tobacco products could increase by 25%. About this newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the Analytical center for the government of the Russian Federation.

the Possible price increase of almost a quarter was due to additional costs to manufacturers on the labeling of cigarettes and increased excise taxes.

“In our opinion, it is the marking most significantly affect the growth of prices. This measure is intended to reduce the share of counterfeit goods in the market, however, while the proportion of illegal tobacco products is increasing,” – said in the message.

today the cost of a pack of cigarettes is estimated at 115 rubles to 64 rubles of which are taxes.

Earlier, the Russians said when they first tried drinking and Smoking. It turned out that most people in our country have turned to bad habits while studying or surrounded by relatives.

In Russia will rise in price of cigarettes for $ 6

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