Singer Alexei Chumakov — fat, old, bearded, incompetent and a narcissist, but not a tyrant. This he said in his instagram.

In 2007, as reported by “the Rambler”, Chumakov started Dating singer Julia Kovalchuk, in 2013, they were married in 2017 got a daughter Amelia. Yesterday, the singer answered the most common idiotic questions he’s asked by users of instagram.


Publish from Alexey Chumakov (@alexchumakoff) 4 Aug 2020 2:48 PDT

So, he called asking about why he and Kovalchuk not show their daughter to the public, and advise those who ask it, to appease his curiosity, looking at your own children.

On the question of why he was so old, Chumakov said that with a smart woman man Matures faster, and the question about why looking at a woman without love — he loves her heart and not eyes.

Singer also pleaded a narcissist and a fat, old, bearded incompetent, Kovalchuk — hottie, and women who call him a tyrant, ill with beriberi.

“In a world of moral exhibitionism, where the death of a loved one, the first thing I write in LJ, where the showdown comes down to the sparring on Facebook, Patty is not placed in the stomach until removed from five angles for instagram, and philosophy of life fit in one sentence for Twitter, I prefer to cry alone, to Express in the face of the enemy, appetite is back, and in the night just whisper "I love you" ear to his wife” — he concluded.