The strategy for the development of the Russian coal industry adopted in 2020 cannot be implemented, said the special representative of the President Anatoly Chubais. He explained this by reducing the consumption of coal from China.Mr. Chubais recalled that in 2021, the Chinese authorities announced plans to reduce coal consumption from 2025. He clarified that the Russian strategy was designed to increase coal consumption.”We have a coal strategy in the country, developed, as I understand it, with the participation of SUEK (Siberian Coal Energy Company)… Our strategy has failed, it is unrealizable in this situation, ” Anatoly Chubais said at the Eastern Economic Forum (quoted by RIA Novosti).The head of SUEK Stepan Solzhenitsyn believes that there will be no problems with the sale of coal until 2030.In March, President Vladimir Putin instructed to increase the export of coal from Kuzbass to the East by 30% by 2024. At the same time, Mr. Putin admitted that some forecasts “suggest a significant compression” of the coal market. Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak expects that coal “will occupy a fairly high share in the energy balance for a long time” and it will decrease from 25% to 20% only by 2040. Since May, export prices for Russian thermal coal in Europe have almost doubled, reaching $137 per ton.Details can be found in the material “Kommersant “”Pure coal mining”.