Chrome, Firefox or Yandex: named the most confidential browsers

Brave is the most private browser, while Microsoft Edge and “Yandex.Browser” so it is impossible to call these viewers are willing to share usage data with their developers. To such conclusion the Douglas Leith, Professor at the School of computer science and statistics Trinity College Dublin.

the Researcher found out when and under what conditions browsers send to the companies-developers of telemetry — the technical information that is needed to correct errors and keep statistics of the user base. It may include the duration of Internet sessions, the type and version of operating system, information about the browser settings and installed extensions.

to learn when triggered sending telemetry, Leith considered five scenarios: the first startup after installing from scratch, when you close and restart when entering or pasting in the address bar, or when the program is running, but not using it. “The first group (the most sensitive) is Brave, the second — Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and the third (least sensitive) — Edge and the ‘Yandex’,” he found the scientist on the results of the comparative analysis.

the Best result was shown by Brave: this browser does not keep track of visited sites and does not share with its creators IP addresses of users. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari, which account for 85% of the market and collect much more data. In particular, these programs accompany the telemetry beacons, which can track a user after restarting and even reinstalling the browser. And as soon as the user enters the address in the line, the viewers in real time send information to remote servers (in Firefox this option can be disabled).

the worst situation with privacy is in Edge and “Yandex.The browser”. According to Leith, their telemetry includes unique identifiers and information not only about software, but hardware and software. For example, “Yandex” keeps track of serial numbers and MAC addresses, Edge — records the identifier that can be changed only when changing the computer. And to abandon the collection of this information is impossible, the researcher said.

Text: To.Hi-tech