In the project “Active citizen” the voting dedicated to the action “Christmas Tree cycle” has ended. Its participants chose places for the reception points of Christmas trees. More than 170 thousand people expressed their opinion.

The majority of the voting participants (65 percent) replied that they would decorate the house with an artificial Christmas tree. A live tree was preferred by 10 percent. Another five percent of respondents will collect a bouquet of coniferous branches, three percent will buy a potted Christmas tree, and another two percent will make it out of paper, cardboard and other recycled materials. More than a thousand people gave their own version of the answer.

Those who will buy a live spruce were offered to choose a convenient collection point for trees for disposal. They can be brought there after the holidays. Most of those who wanted to take the Christmas tree to a special point turned out to be in the CAO — 16 percent. In second place are the residents of SVAO — 13 percent and close the three leaders of the VAO, the Southern Administrative District and the Southern Administrative District, who scored 12 percent each.

More than 90 percent of the voting participants chose the proposed options for the location of reception points, the rest shared their ideas.

Last season, 47 out of 583 reception points were opened based on the results of voting by “active citizens”.

The “Christmas Tree Cycle” campaign has been held in Moscow since 2016. Its main tasks are the competent disposal of trees and drawing attention to the topic of separate garbage collection. The number of Christmas trees handed over for recycling is growing every year: at the beginning of 2022, residents of the capital brought about 49 thousand trees — 4.5 thousand more than a year earlier.

Collection points are organized in all districts of Moscow. Spruce, pine and fir trees will be accepted. Before you hand over the tree, you need to remove all the decorations and tinsel from it. It will be sent from the collection point for recycling: wood chips will be made from it, which is used in the improvement of streets and ecological trails, as well as in animal enclosures.

The Active Citizen project has been operating in the capital since 2014. During this time, more than six million people joined him, more than five thousand votes were held. Now users can suggest names for unnamed streets, boulevards and metro stations, name a contactless fare payment service, test their knowledge in a New Year’s quiz or participate in updating the Souvenirs section on the website . There you can exchange points for participation in the voting for prizes and gifts.

The project is being developed by the City Department of Information Technology and GKU “New Management Technologies”.