Assyrtiko is one of the most unique and high-quality grape varieties in Greece. Originally from the volcanic island of Santorini, it produces powerful and saline white wines. Elsewhere in the country, its wines are generally a little more supple and fruity. But here, from vineyards at altitude in the Amyndeo region, in northern Greece, it produces a wine reminiscent of that of the islands. Pale in color and not very fruity, it offers aromas of zest, citrus peel, smoke, with a saline impression. Very dry, it unfolds in the mouth with texture and chew, supported by invigorating acidity and light tannins. Not the most complex, but very well made and an excellent introduction to the grape variety, it is ideal for oysters, seafood and fish simply grilled or in sauce.


An exceptional estate, owned by the Raventos family since 1497, Raventos i Blanc undoubtedly produces some of the best sparkling wines in Spain. And, above all, it does so by working with the greatest respect for the environment, biodiversity and the vitality of the soil. The De Nit rosé cuvée is one of my favorites every year. Very pale in color, it shows a lot of finesse. A delicate and charming nose opens the ball with notes of citrus fruits, wild strawberries and a hint of noble plants. Very dry, the wine shows a lot of brightness and vitality, with very fine bubbles which stretch out to a long finish. To treat yourself or as a gift, it is perfect to start the festivities, alone or with shrimp bites, fish tartare, tempura vegetables.