Marshmallows are not vegan. They contain gelatin, a substance obtained by prolonged boiling of animal skin or bones, often pork. President’s Choice and Dandies market vegan marshmallows.

Butter is a dairy product, obtained by churning cream, which comes from milk, generally cow’s milk. Dairy substances are also found in conventional margarine. Plant-based butters and margarines are available from various brands, including Becel, Flora and LeGrand.

Pure cocoa powder is vegan since it is only made from cocoa beans. It is still important to check that dairy product derivatives have not been added. The same goes for dark chocolate, which is naturally vegan. But read the label anyway, especially if a flavor has been incorporated.

Most vegans do not consume honey since they consider that it comes from the work of bees and that appropriating the fruit constitutes a form of theft. However, beekeepers argue that it is possible to practice beekeeping that respects bees. There are plant-based alternatives, like Bumble Bloom, made from apples, or simply maple syrup.