The queues in front of the post offices are getting longer and longer. Christmas is coming soon. Package providers are now working at the limit. FOCUS online says how the Christmas mail arrives on time.

The large parcel service providers DHL, Hermes, DPD, UPS, GLS and others are again expecting record quantities of parcels and packages this year.

On individual days before Christmas Eve, Deutsche Post and DHL want to deliver up to 11 million items. Competitor DPD is expecting a lower daily maximum quantity for its business than 2021 and justifies this with high inflation and economic weaknesses, which means that people are ordering fewer parcels.

If you haven’t ordered any Christmas gifts or put together a package yet, you should hurry. Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday this year. Anyone who has sent their package too late must expect that the delivery will not be made until Tuesday, December 27th.

If you miss this deadline, you still have a chance in DPD’s Priority or Express tariffs. However, the packages must be handed in by 12 noon on December 23 at the latest.

Depending on the destination country and postal code, GLS , Hermes , UPS can bring parcels to other EU countries in the respective express and priority tariffs by Christmas Eve if they have been handed in to the parcel shop or picked up by the parcel carrier by December 19th at the latest.

However, those affected should find out about the deadlines in advance. In extreme cases, courier services such as FedEx or TNT can help. However, those affected should expect high costs.

Depending on the provider and stock, Christmas gifts can be ordered until around December 20th. They are then usually “guaranteed” to be delivered by December 24th. For example, if you order a gift by standard delivery around 6 p.m. on December 21 in the evening, you will probably only receive the package from December 27.

On its website, Amazon lists the expected delivery date of a product as “delivery before Christmas”. Customers are advised “to pay attention to the confirmation of the delivery date when ordering,” explains a spokesman for the shipping giant when asked by the news agency spot on news. “Our on-site teams then ensure that the packages are under the Christmas tree on time.”

The textile trading company H

In 2022, “MediaMarkt and Saturn will again promise to deliver at Christmas,” explains a company spokeswoman. Orders should be received no later than December 21st and 12:00 p.m. for parcel goods (DHL, letters, UPS). For large devices without service, December 20th and 12:00 p.m. apply as the order deadline.

The order deadlines of the online giant Otto vary depending on the item and shipping method. For “normal” products that can be sent by standard parcel, orders must be received by December 21st at 11:30 p.m.

Articles from the range with a “24-hour delivery” can still be ordered until 23 December at 1 p.m. Electronics and large products that need to be carried by at least two people – such as refrigerators, furniture or large TV sets – must be ordered by 23:30 on December 21 if they are to be sent with 24-hour delivery.

If consumers need their Christmas present as soon as possible, you should look out for delivery options such as “express”, “24-hour delivery”, “prio”, “same-day delivery”, “prime delivery” or “premier”. . However, these options are often expensive, require membership or have to be booked at an additional cost.

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If you want to get your Christmas gifts in stationary retail, you should expect long waiting times. The hot phase already starts on Tuesday, December 20th. The high point is Friday, December 23rd. On this day, it could get tight in shopping arcades. Parking garages in the inner cities could also be busy.

Most department stores have limited opening hours on Saturday 24th December. Depending on the federal state, either not at all or only until 2 p.m.