There was a travel ban in the Christian nørgaard’s English club, Brentford.

But the former Brondby-darling is now in Denmark, and it is a very special reason.

“I’m at home in Denmark. I was allowed to take home, although we actually had a travel ban in the club. But my gf is pregnant in the seventh month now, so her situation made it a little difficult for me to be in England. The same was true Mathias (Jensen, red.) but otherwise I think the rest got the message that they need to be in the country. It was super fine from Brentford and a big gesture for them,” he says to TV3 sport.

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the Entire course was planned with either the holiday or the european championships in Denmark this summer, but the plans can Christian Nørgaard and her boyfriend Josefine Barsøe well shoot a white stick after, because after all, judging is going to be many struggles in the second English series in the time.

“It has been a bit special, but we’ve sort of tried to get the best out of it in the here time. We had otherwise planned, it is super fine with either that would be summer vacation, or so we had to play the european championships in Denmark. Now it seems that we must play a lot of matches in the days when he shall be born, but we shall see what happens. I stopped to wonder.”

Brentford with Thomas Frank in the forefront and are now in fourth place giving access to playoff matches to come in the Premier League.