Within the traffic light coalition, the FDP is increasing the pressure for longer operating times for the remaining nuclear power plants in Germany.

Group leader Christian Dürr told the German Press Agency with regard to the debate about gas supplies from Russia: “We don’t want to paint the devil on the wall. But we have to prepare for a scenario that could have far-reaching consequences for private households and German industry. Not a cubic meter of gas should have to be converted into electricity. It would therefore be right now to extend the operating times of the nuclear power plants beyond the winter.”

Curious: It was not until July 7th that the Bundestag voted on a proposal from the Union that would allow backup power plants (including the three remaining nuclear power plants) to be kept available in the event of a gas shortage. Like almost the entire FDP, Dürr voted no.

Gas has not been delivered via the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline since Monday due to maintenance work. This usually takes up to ten days. However, because of the Ukraine war and Western sanctions against Russia, there is now great concern that the gas tap will remain closed.

FDP parliamentary group leader Dürr said: “It can happen that after the maintenance work on Nord Stream 1, no more gas flows.” Russian President Vladimir Putin does what he wants. “It would hardly be surprising if he used technical reasons to finally turn off the gas tap for us.”

Economics Minister Robert Habeck and Environment Minister Steffi Lemke (both Green) had advised against extending the life of the three remaining nuclear power plants in Germany, which are scheduled to go offline at the end of 2022. “A small contribution to the energy supply would be opposed to major economic, legal and safety risks,” says an audit report from the ministries.

Dürr also said: “We should also talk about the production of gas in the North Sea. Anyone who talks about cold showers and warm sweaters in these weeks is mistaking the seriousness of the situation. Ideological debates don’t help us one bit in winter when supply bottlenecks threaten.” The federal government’s top priority must be a secure energy supply. “As sensible as it is in principle to use energy sparingly, a secure supply is now the top priority. To do this, we have to exhaust all possibilities.”

Attitudes towards work also change over the generations. Much to the chagrin of Europapark boss Mack, who is currently desperately looking for workers for his amusement park. He cannot understand the work ethic of the younger generation, which is geared towards balance and little stress.

It’s all over just 29 months after founding her financial technology company, Rubarb. Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s two nephews have to file for bankruptcy. It is a mystery to investors how they could lose their money in such a short time.

The Federal Association for Road Haulage is certain that the shortage of truck drivers will continue to worsen in the coming years. The reasons for this are said to be the unattractiveness of the profession and the driving license law. Above all, however, the aging of active truck drivers is becoming increasingly problematic.