eleven HFC-professionals do not know how to do it in the summer to go on. The contracts of the players run out, the future is uncertain. In The Middle: Captain Jan Washausen (31)!

IMAGE asked him: do you Believe in a future in HFC?

Washausen: “I’m hanging a little in the air. And my starting position would be more comfortable, if I play and I could show you. On the other hand, I gained a certain amount of attention. The knowledge of both the HFC as well as other clubs.“

This image, there was often: Jan Washausen in the stands at the sports Park, photo: Uwe Koehn

talks with the HFC to give it to yet. Restless, the professional is not to go loose with his Situation. Washausen: “is type-dependent. Of a mulling more, the other less. You consider, what perspectives are there? If there is, then the 1a is the solution, it must decide every man for himself.“

One thing is an advantage for Washausen: His calf injury, he can recuperate in the Corona-break better. But he also says: “Intensive things like two fights I need to test in practice. Alone from the duration of the run, I don’t know if the muscle holds out.“