In the latest episode of “Perfect Dinner” (VOX), the likeable almost retired Jörg dares to use the hotplates. He amazes his guests with his menu, but then shocks them with a shredder accident in the kitchen and a side dish sauce that is too sweet.

The fact that headmaster and amateur chef Jörg tends towards perfectionism not only in his job but also in his private life is particularly evident in his home: His basement is equipped with a small private wellness area and a decent pool. In order to be able to realize his project, Jörg lowered the entire garden of his house in Pulheim in 14 months of his own work. Now a small ornamental pond adorns the outside area of ​​the house. “I’m just the construction guy,” describes the 62-year-old.

However, the “Perfect Dinner” shows that Jörg has a lot more on his plate and is also very talented at the hotplate. His menu is lovingly thought out, colorfully arranged, full of different consistencies – and not at all simple.

Motto: „Simply enjoy“

Jörg has been a teacher by vocation for almost 40 years: “You have to like children and young people for this job. Point. That’s the most important requirement and not one that can be learned.” As far as his cooking talent is concerned, the patent retiree is modest: “I’m a home cook and hobby cook.” ricotta filling, guinea fowl breasts stuffed with pears and a table decoration made from home-dried rhubarb leaves, the air at the top becomes noticeably less.

This claim certainly also includes unusual accidents. It’s not every day that the amateur chef shreds the meat thermometer with a hand mixer and overdoes it a bit with an exquisite meat sauce ingredient: Jörg stirs just about a lot of plum jam into the chicken accompaniment, but overdoes it with the dark chocolate. “Half a piece would have been enough,” he sums up the side dish, which the inexperienced Mustafa (“I don’t know black salsify and don’t like raspberries”) simply leaves: “The sauce only tastes sweet to me”.

A discovery for many is also the dessert “Eton Mess”, consisting of small meringues, whipped cream, said raspberries and chopped pistachios. “You got me with that,” says special education teacher Sarah, praising the dessert and awarding nine points. For another colleague, teacher Linda, it’s even the perfect dinner – ten points. It’s a very good 36 points at the end, and that despite Jörg’s origins: He originally comes from Düsseldorf! “We Cologne people are tolerant after all,” Ramona states cosmopolitanly. And Jörg can only sigh with satisfaction: “I would never want to miss this day in my life again.”

Some rely on a cutting aid for the “perfect dinner”, Jürgen (54) has something completely different cut by a specialist on day 5 of the Münster week. Can he cook his way to victory with the extra effort?

On day 4 of “The Perfect Dinner” the mood changes in Münster. Inga (49) is looking forward to the evening when she wants to bring her guests closer to the culinary diversity of pumpernickel. But they are extremely irritated…

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