China will strengthen the measures at the border due to coronavirus in Russia

China will strengthen border measures in Heilongjiang province because of the danger of the spread of coronavirus from Russia. About it writes Bloomberg.

Representatives of the province said that began patrolling the border with Russia, with a length of about 3.2 thousand kilometers. Now the border “actually closed”, and in the province are stepping up measures to enhance security.

In the provincial capital of Harbin for some import quarantine period was extended to 28 days. Bloomberg notes that China and Russia have already agreed to close the border river port of Suifenhe.

Previously Director of the infectious Department of the hospital “Huashan” in Shanghai, the head of the expert group on the treatment COVID-19 Zhang Wenchun predicted second wave of the coronavirus. It will be in November 2020 and will be much weaker.

According to recent reports, there have been recorded more than 1.9 million cases of infection, died of over 116 thousand people.