Chinese authorities rejected the world health organization (who) in the request to participate in the investigation of the origin, coronavirus. About it in interview to TV channel Sky News said the who representative in China Fit Galea.

As he wrote “the Rambler”, the new coronavirus was identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of 2019. In early March, the who announced the pandemic. According to recent reports, globally the number of cases exceeded 3.2 million people, more than 233 thousand were killed.

Tramp suspected who and the China conspiracy

According to Galea, China conducted an investigation into the emergence of the virus, but at this stage who was not invited to take part in it.

“who continues to make inquiries to health structures and authorities of China,” he explained.

The who representative in China said that the organization is confident in the natural origin of the coronavirus.

“to Identify the sources of the origin of the virus is very important. We need to know as much as possible, to prevent recurrence,” said Fit Galea.