China successfully brought Sunday put into orbit a satellite Shiyan-6 for testing of space equipment and study near-earth space. This was announced by the Chinese Corporation aerospace science and technology.

As stated on its official page on the social network WeChat, the launch was carried out at 07:44 local time (02:44 GMT) with rocket CZ-2D from Jiuquan spaceport in North-West Gansu province. He became a 338-m for media series "Changan".

"the Launch was carried out at the expense of improved technologies starting over which is being optimized. This improves the reliability of the system for the withdrawal of the spacecraft into orbit," – said in a statement.

China is actively developing its national space programme, developing the meteorological, communication and navigation satellites, as well as technologies for exploration of the moon. Chinese scientists are also implementing a project on the study of asteroids and Mars, to the intense study of the surface of which they intend to start soon.