In the case of adopting the plane J-35, China will become the second after the USA the country, from light (medium) and heavy fifth-generation fighter, reports Popular Mechanics. This means that appropriate technology Beijing overtook overtook Moscow and Washington.

the American edition drew attention to the publication in the Chinese press, according to which for 2021 planned flight tests of the new fighter of the fifth generation. According to Popular Mechanics, we can talk about the upgraded version of the aircraft FC-31, also known as J-31 or J-35.

the Publication notes that initially, these fighters received a Russian power plant, and the impending testing of new FC-31 might indicate that China coped with the problem of import substitution of the respective engines. According to Popular Mechanics, the J-35 will receive the third Chinese carrier to be fitted with electromagnetic catapults.

In December 2019 in China su-57 declined to name the fighter of the fifth generation, referring it to a generation 4+++.

Earlier in the same month of the crashed su-57, which was to become the first serial fighter accepted into service Air and space forces (VKS) Russia.

currently applicable istrebitelya fifth generation have only USA (F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II) and China (J-20). The Russian su-57 and Chinese FC-31 has not yet adopted.