BEIJING, February 16. /TASS/. Chinese authorities are strengthening trade and economic relations with all countries on an equal basis and are against unlawful unilateral sanctions with respect to energy supplies, including from Russia, official spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce Shu Jueting said on Thursday.”We are decisively against the use of unilateral sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction not based on international law,” Shu Jueting said at the briefing.Beijing “is always promoting regular trade and economic cooperation with other countries, including Russia, on the basis of equality, mutual respect and mutual benefit,” she added.According to data from the Main Customs Administration of China, imports of Russian oil gained 8.2% and totaled 86.24 mln metric tons ($58.4 bln) in 2022. Liquefied natural gas exports increased by 43.9% to 6.5 mln metric tons ($6.74 bln). Russian pipeline gas supplies surged 2.63 times to $3.98 bln.