Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus (Greens) assumes that the guaranteed amount in the basic child security will be about as high as the child benefit.

Lisa Paus (Greens) explained that the guaranteed amount in the basic child security will very likely correspond to the amount of the child benefit. “We want to change the system with the guarantee and additional contribution so that every child is covered regardless of the parents’ income,” said the Greens politician to the editorial network Germany (RND/Montag). “The guarantee amount will certainly be around the amount of child benefit,” she added, with a view to child benefit rising to 250 euros in January.

However, Paus emphasized that the exact amount of the entire basic child security will only be determined later: “In times of inflation and the energy crisis, however, no forecasts can be made as to how high the basic child security will have to be in 2025 for the introduction. It is anchored in the coalition agreement that we first wait for the calculation of the socio-cultural subsistence level.”

The Minister for Family Affairs wants to enable an uncomplicated payment: “Everyone should receive the benefits to which they are entitled in the basic child security system from one place. The payment should then be unbureaucratic, digital and almost automatic,” she said. “We really want all children to receive the benefits to which they are entitled.” Many did not receive them at all because their parents either did not know about the benefits or the application process was so complicated that they did not even submit an application. “It will be different with the basic child security system,” she announced. “The basic child security is intended to reduce child poverty and improve equal opportunities.”