Climate activists of the “last generation” have hijacked a wedding fair in Aalen – with a funeral procession including children’s coffins. Behind this unbelievable birth strike is a whole movement that relies on a controversial study.

At a wedding fair in Aalen on Sunday, exhibitors should help couples with their wedding planning. However, the event was interrupted by five climate activists from the “last generation”, dressed in black, who carried children’s coffins and grave lights through the exhibition hall.

With the campaign, the activists primarily wanted to draw attention to the future of children who have not yet been born, the Schwäbische Zeitung reported. According to the activists, the children born of marriages now concluded are among the biggest victims of current climate policy. “We mourn the unborn children as victims of the climate crisis. We are the last generation that can still prevent this,” wrote activist Florian Funk on Twitter.

Behind the incredible action of the climate activists is an international movement: the “birth strike”. The movement became particularly popular in Great Britain, where it was launched by pop singer Bylthe Pepino. The followers do without their own children in favor of the climate. The reason for this seems simple: Fewer people mean less CO2 emissions.

In addition, many young people worry about the future of their potential children. According to “Bayerischer Rundfunk”, around 40 percent of 16 to 24 year olds are unsure whether they want to have children at the moment. This also includes the concern whether the future world would be safe and habitable at all.

Supporters of the “birth strike” repeatedly refer to a study published in 2017 by Lund University and the University of British Columbia. The most successful way to combat climate change is therefore not to have a child of your own. 58.6 tons of CO2 equivalents could be saved in this way. In comparison, those who do without a car save only 2.4 tons per year.

However, there are also scientists who are critical of the study. Authors Seth Wynes and Kimberly Nicholas assume that each generation of children burdens the next generation equally. However, it is not taken into account to what extent the future population will act in a more climate-friendly manner, for example changing their consumption or traveling in a more climate-conscious manner.

The study also calculates that a person’s CO2 emissions will remain the same throughout their life. However, a small child contributes significantly less to CO2 emissions through consumption and mobility than an adult, according to the WDR magazine ” Quarks “.

Federal Environment Agency expert Michael Bilharz also criticizes the study. “Is it desirable to live in a society that is aging? And who do we want to save the world for if we decide to have no more offspring?” he told Quarks. In any case, not having a child is not a way to acutely slow down climate change. After all, the effects would only be felt after a generation. Measures such as switching off coal-fired power plants and climate-neutral mobility can be implemented more quickly and are significantly more efficient.

It is also important to train future generations in climate issues and to create awareness. This can prevent them from repeating the mistakes of previous generations.

In any case, Aalen showed no understanding for the concerns of the “last generation”. The activists were quickly asked to leave the exhibition hall. According to the “Schwäbische Post”, they left the premises peacefully with their children’s coffins.

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