Chelsea lost to Bayern in the first match 1/8 Champions League

Despite the relatively successful results of Chelsea in the Premier League, the Munich club have looked the clear favorite of this confrontation. Still “blue” this season has experienced a major update. Came a new coach, left the team leader Eden hazard. Declines in such a situation is inevitable.

Photo: EPA Preview: real Madrid will “man city” in the 1/8 finals of the playoffs of the Champions League

Some problems during the season goes down, so does Bayern. But still, the Germans are stronger than Chelsea, and the experience of more European battles.

the First half of the game at Stamford bridge was an equal fight. Sometimes a bit more were the hosts, and sometimes the ball longer possessed. But the goals scored before the break, the audience did not see.

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All three goals Bayern scored in the second half. First, a brace ex-Arsenal midfielder Serge Gnabry. By the way, in the group stage Gnabry has already scored in London. Then four times he had upset Tottenham. Well, the final score in the game against Chelsea Lewandowski set.

Away win 3:0 in the first match – super successful result for Bayern. They actually secured a place in the quarterfinals. But officially they can apply for a place in the next round on March 18, when “the Allianz Arena” will be a return match with Chelsea.