the press service of Regardie reported that Colonel-General Viktor Strigunov praised the level of training of the soldiers of the Dzerzhinsky. – Preparation for the parade took place in difficult conditions of suppression of coronavirus. The connection has completely coped with this task. Of all the participants, the main and the reserve composition was not a single soldier with a prerequisite for infection. I want to thank the command of the division for the deeply thought out and well done work in this direction, – said the General. – Today I inspected the preparation of the main calculation and can confidently say that I rate it excellent. The guys are excited, looking forward to June 24 to show their skills. They are proud of service in the army national guard, and I’m sure they will not fail the command.

by the Way, the Victory Parade are not only those who will be directly minted step on the pavement. Honoured artist of Russia Sergey Makhovikov, member of the Council for culture at Regardie, especially for the type of connection performed the new song “salute the heroes”. The composition about the country and its heroes have been specially written by well-known author Tatiana Nazarova for the Victory parade on June 24. The division commander major General Dmitry Cherepanov from the personnel connection thanked famous artist, and the military gave the singer a sincere applause.

– Traditionally, in the Victory parade on red square involved the personnel of the second regiment of the division named after Dzerzhinsky. There were several features of the training this year. First, the personnel twice a week to take tests for coronavirus. Coped with the task – the results of all tests main calculation was negative. Secondly, influenced by the weather. In the early stages of preparation for the may 9 parade we were training in winter conditions, for the parade on June 24 we had to prepare in the heat. But these conditions in no case did not affect the level of training of the personnel. Thirdly, the second regiment for the third time preparing mechanized column for the passage of vehicles through red square, – said the Colonel. – Equipment of new models requires a certain level of machine control and command of the regiment with the task of training successfully accomplished.

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Separate division of operational purpose to them. F. E. Dzerzhinskogo of national guard troops of the Russian Federation – the constant participant of military parades on red square since 1921. Soldiers and officers of the compounds participated in the historical parade of November 7, 1941 and the Victory Parade on 24 June 1945. Is the soldiers of the division threw the banners of defeated Nazi armies at the foot of the Mausoleum.

In a smart calculating Individual orders Zhukov, Lenin and October��skoy revolution, red banner division of operational use named after F. Dzerzhinsky of national guard troops of the Russian Federation 421 soldier. At the head of the main settlement, the division commander major General Dmitry Cherepanov. In the composition of the type three team, three flag group, including one for the historic banners, the two front companies of 200 men armed with AK-200.

during the great Patriotic war, the soldiers of the Dzerzhinsky participated in the battles at Moscow, Kaluga, Novgorod, he fought on the Western and Volkhov fronts. They at the Victory parade in 1945, threw the banners of defeated Nazi troops to the foot of the Mausoleum. Among the 12 military divisions of the Soviet Union and Heroes of 19 Heroes of Russia.

Soldiers of Regardie preparing for the Victory parade in three stages. First, they improved the single player combat training with weapons and without, then honed drills in the composition of the ranks and the front mouth, passing parade step over 8 km Finale of the training was the passage of the soldiers in the troops of the Moscow garrison on parade ground in Alabino village.

20 June 2020 the military personnel of Regardie will take part in the General rehearsal of the parade on red Square.