the Pension Fund is now preparing regulations for the service of receiving applications to embed information about cars disabled in the registry. The draft document published on the official portal of normative acts.

“the Pension Fund as the operator of the Federal registry of persons with disabilities must provide such service through the personal Cabinet on the portal of the Federal register, – have informed in a press-service of the Pension Fund. Also you can apply on the portal or in person at the IFC”.

To the car was in the coveted list when applying online, essentially, you only need to specify the make and license plate – the rest of the data upload automatically. In the preparation of documents in the DCP will require to include more information.

For each person recognized as invalid, can be registered in only one machine. In principle, the same or about the same rules exist now. But with one very important difference. Yet in every region of the registry of such vehicles. Accordingly, the machine is taken into account, for example, in the Smolensk region, Moscow and Tver will not be able to Park on the designated disabled persons. Not even fixed the sign. Just because the local in the list of this room does not appear. Parktronic yellow square under the glass are not trained to recognize. So, – a fine, well even if without evacuation. Now will be created throughout the country unified Federal register, which excludes such unjust incidents.

still, people with disabilities use two types of plates for their cars. One of the sample 2018 issued in Bureau mediko-social examination, its not that troublesome, but for a person with disabilities can be a considerable challenge. The second – the usual, you can buy it at any mobile shop – used before. In itself it gives no rights, but when used in the region where the local register contains the number of disabled machines, enough and such. Because of this ambiguity arose many disputes. Now all doubts will be eliminated – the main symptom of the right of use of the special infrastructure is the availability of a record about the machine used by the disabled in the Federal register. A yellow sign will allow any observer to verify that the machine is on a dedicated place parked on the right.