Check resorts in the North Caucasus showed billions in losses

the Abrupt change horses in midstream under such circumstances, must have a good reason. She never publicly explained. But the materials of the accounting chamber allow with high probability to assume that the Minkowksi desperately coped with the task. Was not going to cope.

in 2013, Karachay-Cherkessia working tourist and recreational complex “Arkhyz”. Ski trails and lifts built with funds of the Federal budget.

There a few who drive and profit Arkhyz brings. But always requires additional investment to maintain the lifts and in working condition.

Profit from exploitation of objects of “Arkhyz”, according to audit chamber, in 2018 amounted to 204,4 million rubles For their maintenance was spent three times more — 698,6 mln.

Is a money-losing business. If it were private, the owner would be bankrupt long ago, sold it or closed. But since the “Arkhyz” in state ownership, losses are covered at the expense of Federal budget funds, i.e. our money.

the Ski resort continues to operate. It is believed that his parasitic existence promotes socio-economic development of the region.

Although the development is also not impossible.

Here we must digress and explain why it was necessary to build and maintain on the budget unprofitable ski resort.

And right would one “Arkhyz”. But such resorts in the North Caucasus will be six or seven. They are not yet built, but all have passed the preparatory stages paid projects connected to communications.

Who will be there to ride — not clear. The local population is practicing one sport — wrestling. On skis it is impossible to imagine. Yes, and the rest of the Russians is not the most popular way of spending leisure time. Besides, in the North Caucasus is already three old ski resort Dombay, Cheget, Krasnaya Polyana. They are quite enough. Why should government build?

However, it builds.

Beautiful plan

the Idea of a ski resort cluster in the North Caucasus began to be discussed in public space in 2010, when the presidential Plenipotentiary envoy in the NCFD, was appointed Alexander Khloponin.

she Lobbied very skillfully and has received support at the highest levels — especially in those days Putin himself rode more downhill skiing than playing hockey.

According to the authors of the project, a new residential cluster was supposed to be a driver of the regional economy as follows:

1) in the budget money built tourist-recreational complexes;

2) the surrounding area is immediately attractive to private investors — mostly local residents;

3) the state provides the enterprises a preferential regime;

4) they open next to the complex hotels, cafes, shops, taxis, tour Desk,

5) tourists from Russia and foreign countries, crowds, going to new resorts to ride the mountains — only manage to serve;

6) appear in the region thousands of jobs.

7) tourists come with money, buying goods and services and leave their money to local residents;

8) the residents begin to earn good money and pay income taxes;

9) region ceases to require subsidies from the Federal budget;

10) the Caucasus is finally feed myself.

For the implementation of this plan has been created joint-stock company “Resorts of the North Caucasus” (JSC “KSK”). Share capital — funds from the Federal budget. On 14 February 2019, according to the chamber, it was poured to 31.4 billion rubles. of our money.

the Owner of JSC “KSK” — the state represented by the Ministry of the Caucasus (now, after the abolition of Minkowksi, it was transferred to the Ministry of economic development).

In the management of KSK was passed six special economic zones (SEZ) with preferential taxation: “Arkhyz” in Karachay-Cherkessia, “Veduchi” in the Chechen Republic, “Elbrus” in Kabardino-Balkaria, “Armkhi” in Ingushetia, “Mamison” in North Ossetia, “Matlas” in Dagestan.

In all these areas, “KSK” was to build on public funds ski facilities and to attract private investors, using tax privileges, they quickly and efficiently arranged around the slopes and lifts of infrastructure and tourist service.

the chamber recently tested, what results were achieved KSK in this field. The results were disastrous.

it was Planned that by 2020:

every year the resorts will rest 2 million people

— for their service will be created for 12.8 thousand jobs,

— the amount of revenue generated from the sale of goods and services reached 19.5 billion rubles.

Figures for the end of 2018, do not stand next to planned:

— resorts visited by 683 thousand people,

— jobs created 619

— revenue entrepreneurs catering to tourists — 851,7 million rubles.

the Trick did not work.

“Coming big brother – take”

Before the chamber that conducted the test, there were two problems:

1) identify how the impact on the socio-economic situation in the North Caucasus the government has taken measures aimed at the development of tourism and tourism business in the region;

2) check how and what to spend the budget money, allocated by JSC “KSK” on the implementation of these measures.

paragraph 1) effect not detected no.

measures Taken by the government gave no effect.

“the Creation of special economic zones no impact on the socio-economic development of the subjects skfo. The volume of attracted investment by residents is insignificant and amounted to 2 079,5 million (8% of the claimed amount), or only 6.5% of the total volume of budget investments in the authorized capital of JSC “KSK”.

In this paragraph, fixed the epic fail of the whole business with the resorts.

Billions of budget money was invested in recreational facilities in the expectation that private business “onsculpts” them with hotels and restaurants, as it happens, for example, in Swiss regions, living tourism, causing the economy of the North Caucasus, just as there will begin to rise.

But North Caucasian private business, nothing stuck. Instead of the expected 100% of private facilities have opened only 8%. The owners have invested in the resort cluster only 6.5% of those amounts that poured in to the state. A drop in the sea.

in Switzerland — did not happen. Western start-up scheme economic driver didn’t work.

“She couldn’t work, — assured the scholars of the region, with whom we discussed this phenomenon. — We’re not Switzerland.”

Each special economic zone of the North Caucasus, where the state planned sports and recreation facilities, keep some local clan. This area together with all what it has historically considered its territory. Anyone who wants to do business will be required to pay the clan money. And to agree in advance on the amounts of pointless. Clan members will take the time you need.

now comes the elder brother, you take. Tomorrow Junior — ‘ll take that too. Then the brother of their mother from the local police Department will come and also take. And end to this. Therefore, no one gets involved in such funny business.

the Western scheme of socio-economic development could have shot in the North Caucasus, if the interests of private traders there to protect the law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and the court. But they protect the interests of local clans. They have these clans. So — what to talk about?

People who promote the idea of a tourism cluster and forced the government to believe in it and fork, could not know about such features of the region. Obviously, they pushed this idea, pursuing deeper and more meaningful interests than the socio-economic development of the North Caucasus.

the report of the audit chamber data, paragraph 2) confirms this assumption: “Since the establishment of JSC “KSK” has received from the Federal budget 314 billion rubles. Of these, 8.5 billion rubles went to the maintenance of Society itself”.

Office, helicopters, salaries

the Financial-economic activity of JSC “KSK” is consistently unprofitable.

In 2016, the loss amounted to 1.6 billion budget (ie our) money.

In 2017 — 1.4 billion.

In 2018 to 1.3 billion.

thus workers KSK all these years also consistently received very large salaries.

In 2017, the average monthly salary of the General Director was 1 million 960 thousand RUB His deputies and the chief accountant received 1 million 116 thousand. The rest of the staff — an average of 230 thousand rubles per month.

the Huge Moscow office the company has not somewhere, and in “Moscow-city” — a prestigious and expensive office center. “In April of 2018 signed the contract with JSC “North tower” on the lease premises with an area of 2.4 thousand sq m for the period to 31 March 2023, with the amount of rent for the entire term 391,9 million (including operating costs and three Parking spaces), providing average cost of 1 sq m of leased space in the amount of 33.1 thousand rubles and the annual appreciation of their value by 7%,” — said the chamber.

The KSK even have helicopters, purchased, of course, on our money. Although their content does not pay off. Helicopters eat twice as much money than get it. But nice to live not forbid.

“the Total cost for the two Eurocopter helicopters carrying amount 205,2 million rubles, based in the Stavropol region, in 2018 amounted to 20.8 million rubles, while the profit of JSC “KSK” from the provision of their lease (without crew) — 9,2 million rubles.

In total, the renter provided at the request of JSC “KSK” organization of flights in the interests of Society in 2018, in the amount of 173,2 hours.

Considering paid JSC “KSK” the property tax for the helicopters in 2018 (2.4 million rubles), the contents of the helicopters appear to be economically feasible”— he considered the auditors.

the Material they have collected very much. Just in the paper not to cover, so here are just a few of the episodes that shed light on how to spend budget money “resorts of the North Caucasus.”

“Despite negative in 2016-2018 financial results of activity of JSC “KSK” was carried out charitable work with the profits obtained in the period of 2011-2015. Just for these purposes 100.2 million rubles, including through the Charity social and charity projects “Positives” — 22.7 million rubles.”

“during random checking it was determined that the transferring Fund “Positives” means the vendor in order to assist the orphanage in the amount of 2.2 million rubles after more than six months from the date of listing of JSC “KSK” Fund”.

“JSC “KSK” provided in 2018 interest-free loans to improve housing conditions 13 employees for a total amount of 100 million rubles. On September 1, 2019, the balance of loans granted amounted to 93.3 million rubles.”

Other pathetic beginnings

six Months ago, the chamber was checked another brainchild of the Ministry of the Caucasus “development Corporation of North Caucasus” (NCDC), created around the same time as JSC “KSK”, with the same objectives and the same with state funds.

it poured less of our money with you — only about 12 billion, and not 31.4 billion, as in “CSC”. But they were used here and there are the equally ineffective.

Auditors found that the same did not live up to the expectation of the private business did not support any project “NCDC”. The same pretentious, ambitious undertaking: a huge exhibition complex where there is nothing to expose, and huge medical cluster, where certain cure. Same consistently unprofitable financial-economic activity and the high staff salaries. Lower, however, than the KSK. The General Director “the CORPORATION” only 1 million 680 thousand, and the employees an average of 180 thousand Not 230 as in KSK, but still good.

Even a generous donation to charity “KSK” and “the CORPORATION” did in the same Fund for social and charity projects “Positives”.

We searched the founder of this Fund on the Internet: it was Stanislav Aristov, businessman, founder of the movement “Nashi” in Dagestan.

this was the project of the presidential Administration, if anyone has forgotten — the all-Russian movement “Nashi”. Also very ambitious.

our Money, feel sorry for them

Studies of the chamber of accounts clearly show that the “educational games” that were played the previous government with the North Caucasus, no developmental effect were not. They just was a feeder for a limited circle of persons, at anchor, as we understand it, in the Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs.

the Leaders of Minkowksi, of course, he joined the Board of Directors and of the Board of JSC “KSK” and JSC “NCDC”.

Now, despite the abolition of Minkowksi, no changes in the composition of the governing bodies at the sites of these companies is not monitored.

Perhaps they will start to appear as managers of the liquidated Minkowksi will receive new appointments. Although it is not a fact.

For example, one of the first new purpose was a cousin of Ramzan Kadyrov odes Baysultanov. He held the position of first Deputy Minister of Minkowksi. 11 February was appointed Deputy Minister of sport.

Baysultanov is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of KSK. Because sports and ski resorts — close all his life and as the Deputy Minister of sports is to be the Chairman of the Board of Directors of KSK.

However, it is hoped that a wide range of activities “resorts of the North Caucasus” with the new government still shrink, and our money will vbuhivaya there with a little less scope.

the report of the accounting chamber on this subject even there is one phrase that inspires careful optimism: “other Interested Federal Executive authorities are recommended to consider the feasibility of establishing tourist and recreation complexes on the territory of the North Caucasus Federal district”.

for our part, we strongly support this recommendation.

If not for our money was going on all this gay Orgy for God’s sake. Build in Karachay-Cherkessia and Chechnya, anything, even a ladder to the moon. But since our money, but, still, very sorry.

help-MK: “On the decision socially-economic problems in the region over the past five years directed more than 2 trillion rubles in 2019 for the implementation of projects the subjects of the North Caucasus Federal district received 70 billion from the budget for the programme is 200 billion.

the values of socio-economic indicators still lag behind the national average. Unemployment 11%, and the country is 4.6%. The average monthly wage is 61% of the national average. The arrears of wages of over 300 million In medical institutions acute lack of modern medical equipment, pharmacies — of drugs for beneficiaries, and in kindergartens — places for children.”

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