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The judge told a radio station that ChatGPT and other similar programs could be useful to “facilitate the writing of texts” but “not with the aim of replacing judges”. In this specific case, Padilla said he asked the bot, among other things, “Are autistic minors exempted from paying the fees for their therapies?”.

The program gave the answer: “Yes, that is correct. Under Colombian regulations, minors diagnosed with autism are exempt from paying fees for their therapies.”

When asked why he enlisted the help of artificial intelligence, he said that such tasks would otherwise be handled by employees or secretaries, but the chat bot does it in an “organized, simple and structured way”. And also very quickly.

Professor Juan David Gutierrez from the University of Rosario was critical of the use of AI. “It is certainly not responsible or ethical to use ChatGPT as the judge intended in the ruling in question,” he wrote on Twitter. And called for urgent training for the judges in “digital competence”.

Judge Padilla, on the other hand, suspects that many of his colleagues will join him and use artificial intelligence to make their decisions.