due To corona-the eruption no one knows how the situation looks a month from now. Or about two and a half month for that matter.

Anyway wipe tv doctor Charlotte Bøving not take any chances, and she has therefore chosen to postpone his wedding, which had to be kept 20. June.

she says to Se & hør and explains that she expects the government and the authorities ‘ restrictions will last long.

But it does not mean that the 140 guests, who are invited to celebrate the love between Charlotte Bøving and Christina Jørgensen, being cheated out of a wedding party.

in fact, They may even now put a new tick in the calendar 8. august.

“We have simply been lucky, so it is the same church, the same place and the same priest. Now we have just a little bit longer time for the invitations, which were not actually reached that yet,” she says.

the wedding Ceremony will take place in Varde Kirke, and festivitasen will then take place at Hotel Arnbjerg in the same city.

the Pair became engaged in January – just three months after Charlotte Bøving had been able to reveal that she had been divorced from Pernille Lok.