has not Yet been confirmed, it is of the Ferrari official. But the “BBC” and the Italian media as the “Gazzetta dello Sport” reported the Hammer-Deal already as a fix. Schumi-son Mick Schumacher (19) will be a Ferrari driver.

more Precisely: Mick is taken in the Ferrari Driver Academy. He is a Pilot in the program for Young talents of the red cult brand, for which his father, five of his seven formula 1 world championship-repeated title and the figure of light par excellence.

Up to his first Grand Prix of the current formula 3 European champion, however, still a long way off. Mick will be riding this season, his first year in formula 2 for the Italian Prema Team best.

Sauber Ferrari-the youth branch of

, However, is the Academy recording could jr Schumi. nevertheless, already in 2019 in one of the two official Young Driver test drives for the first time in a formula 1 car.

In question is a Ferrari or an Alfa, or they would-Clean. First of all, for a Test. But Schumi jr. in fact, as his father once fix in the formula 1 is a racing debut in Clean-much more realistic than it is for Ferrari!!!

By the close cooperation with the Italians, the F1 Team, Hinwil, ZH has become to the youth-branch of Ferrari. 2018 Ferrari Charles Leclerc (21) was sent to the successful teaching of to Clean. In 2019, the also of Ferrari-sponsored Antonio Giovinazzi (25) is fixed in the Clean Cockpit.

Even Schumi himself drove a 1997 Clean

Also for the deceased, Jules Bianchi, there were concrete plans to have him as a Ferrari Junior for Clean driving. In the past Nicola Larini and Felipe Massa, the GP, through their Ferrari connection and the motor supplies to Hinwil to inserts for Clean came. And even Schumi himself half of 1997, Clean development, and tested the C16.

Sitting now, 22 years later, soon-to-be son Mick in a Swiss F1 car?