on Tuesday, it was decided that the 45-year-old to ” I eight new weeks.

He is still not being questioned after his girlfriend was killed. She was found in his apartment in Sandefjord, norway 2. February of this year.

Found the SIM-card and clothing

Police believe they have a good picture of what happened. Still missing the important information from the defendant.

WANT EXPLANATION: Politiadvokat An Eline Rimstad Johansen says the police is very anxious should have been given an explanation from the drapssiktede man.

Photo: John-Other Samuelsen / NRK

He is tried, questioned twice, but on both occasions he has not been able to explain themselves, ” says politiadvokat An Eline Rimstad Johansen.

It is also the reason why the police are reluctant to comment on the details surrounding the murder. The purpose is to not forkludre or affect a possible explanation.

Still believe they have enough evidence linking the man to the murder. Among other things, was 45-åringens SIM card and clothes found on the drapsstedet.

In addition to this, he statements that can be interpreted to mean that he was involved, according to a witness who the police interrogated the same morning.

the Man is also previously convicted of murder.

Tried to light in the cell

Earlier in march tried the drapssiktede to the kindle on my cell say. Police do not know why he did this, for neither this time, he wanted to talk with them.

Now the man be transferred to an institution. There shall be two rettspsykiatere consider whether he is sane.

Rettspsykiaternes observation can take anywhere from 14 days to a couple of months, according to Erik Waale Næss. He is one of the two to assess the man.

according to Psychiatrists, it is necessary to observe him in an institution over time, ” says Rimstad Johansen.

the Man’s defender, Jonny Sveen, nor has it got something new out of his client.

the MAN’s DEFENSE: Jonny Sveen has spent a lot of time to get the client in speak. He has problems with being able to talk and articulate himself, has Sveen previously stated.

Photo: John-Other Samuelsen / NRK

the Situation is the same. I have nothing to contribute, unfortunately, ” says Sveen.

Sveen has previously stated to NRK that he has spent a lot of time to get the 45-year-old in the voice. But that man has problems with both speaking and formulating.