the Event was part of the Federal project “the norm”, which our Ambassador to the titled figure skater picked. He will help to achieve the ambitious goal by 2030 is to increase the number of regularly engaged in sports of Russians and 70 percent of the total population of the country.

– Today I heard the phrase that sport is something that retains family values. From myself I will add that sport unites a family in which the love of physical activity is passed on from generation to generation. It’s great and I’m very happy to be here, to be the first man, who represents this movement, – said Medvedev. – I hope we will be able to exercise daily and everyone will take care of their health.

But the journalists were also interested in the success Medvedeva at the professional level. Recall that now the athlete trains in the CSKA school. While Eugene may not return to Canada, she’s on video with my coach Brian Orser. But on the ice it helps in the production of the short program, honored coach Tatiana Tarasova, who is a consultant in CSKA.

– Tatiana is an amazing woman and a big hunky – said Medvedev. – She advised me a lot of new exercises, but all the secrets do not want to share. I can only say that the first time we are collaborating closely. And we are comfortable working together. Brian Orser is constantly in touch with us, joined the trainings on “Fastin”. All is going well.

recently, the international skating Union (ISU) announced that it will not cancel the adult Grand Prix series, but tournaments will be held in the new format. The stages will be more like nationals with restricted access for foreigners in view of the coronavirus pandemic, and the complexities of navigating the world. Last season, Medvedev is not able to qualify for the main events, but this year, ready to join in the fight. Although it is clear how the calendar will look like in the new conditions, is not enough.

– Everyone knows that I am the current skater. So, I will take part in competitions, – said the athlete. – The season is not the same as we used to. But I am getting better, program is ready, after this event I’ll go to practice.