Eight German cone brothers have been in custody in Spain for seven weeks. Now they have hope of being released again. Because they may soon be allowed out on bail. This should be 12,000 euros per prisoner.

The eight German cone brothers could soon actually be released. As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, the public prosecutor’s office has requested bail for the men. The paper writes of a height of 12,000 euros per prisoner.

The lawyer Maria Barbancho told the “Bild”: “We are now waiting for the decision of the judge, who was presented with the new, positive brief from the prosecutor today.” In plain language: Judge Antoni Rotger must now decide whether to allow the bail or not . This decision will probably be made on Wednesday or Thursday.

Even seven weeks after the fire, it is still unclear whether the suspects really started the fire in the “Why not Mallorca” bar. At least they could be free again for now. “They have reason to hope again,” said lawyer Barbancho. The fact that the public prosecutor spoke out in favor of release from prison increases the chances.

Meanwhile, the cone brothers hope that their innocence can be proven. A Whatsapp photo is said to show another suspect. Read more here.