It is Swedish Expressen writes this Tuesday night.

the Newspaper writes that at least three runners considering to break with the national team, and will refer to them as “three of the team’s top athletes”.

Sources say to the newspaper that the murders of damelandslaget partly due to how the training camps are laid up, partly to focus on strength training and “melkesyretrening”, and partly to the mood in the national team.

These data come not something surprising on the Radio langrennsekspert Torgeir Bjørn.

It has been easy to notice that there has been a pressure atmosphere with a lot of frustration in the Swedish skileiren in the winter, ” he says.

NOT SURPRISED: The langrennsekspert, Torgeir Bjørn.

Photo: Anders Skjerdingstad / NRK

They were going to take over the hegemony this season after stafettgullet in Seefeld, but from the outside it looks like they have been hot on the porridge and trained for tough up against the season. Therefore, they have not performed as well as they have the wherewithal to do, ” explains langrennseksperten.

He points out that the Swedish damelandslaget have previously had success with a similar arrangement before, with Charlotte Called, but that this season are the athletes outside elitelaget that has evolved the most.

Linn Svahn, who have been on the utviklingslandslaget, in his first season as a senior been the world’s best, he notes, and continues:

the Ladies on the elitelaget that have fared the best, Ebba Andersson, who deliberately stood over a few sessions, and Frida Karlsson, who got startnekt and thus a long period of time to get to the hooks. After that she was on top in the Kollens 3-mil, ” he says.

Herretrenere stops

the Turmoil in the Swedish cross-country skiing is not limited to damelandslaget. According to the Expressen ends both Mattias Nilsson and Fredrik Uusitalo as coaches for herrelandslaget.

The same type SVT.

– I will not say anything now, but it probably comes more information within a short time, ” says Nilsson of Expressen.

Sunday, it became known that Stina Nilsson, who has taken both OLYMPIC gold and world CHAMPIONSHIP gold medals in cross-country skiing, change from cross country skiing to biathlon.

– It has certainly been a turbulent year, ” said Nilsson to Aftonbladet after the news of the substitution was known.

According to the newspaper was both the turmoil within The Swedish Skiforbundet and dissatisfaction with the landslagets arrangements important reasons why Nilsson chose to switch to biathlon just now.

Fired the coach

WAS POPULAR: Sweden’s former coach, Rikard Grip.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Nilsson shall, in particular, have missed Rikard Grip, coach that got fired in march 2019.

He was a good leader, one who was a little – seen from the outside – the glue in the Swedish team and the face outwards. After that, it has become much more difficult and noticeably worse mood, ” says Bjørn about the former boss.

There is something wrong if so many people want away from the national team. Ski-Sweden must agree on the way forward now.

NRK has Tuesday night been in contact with the director of Sweden’s ski federation, Ola Strömberg.

He refers to Daniel Fåhraeus, langrennssjefen in the league. Fåhraeus has not answered The inquiries Tuesday night.