Actor Paul Priluchny, being married with the actress Agatha muceniece, led a wild lifestyle. A neighbor told the artists that the star of the series “Closed school” was a love quadrangle.

Started shooting the film “Shadow stars”, where Priluchny played a rapper. On the set with Paul began to flirt his co — star of the film “Goldeneye” Julia Franz. And he began to meet in parallel with it, and Karpovich — outraged neighbor.

At some point Franz is tired of the relationship and broke up with her colleague, reports

Involved in the play with Paul Priluchny and Miroslava Karpovich actor spoke about the beginning of their romance. According to him, she charmed the artist. Despite the fact that at first he tried to remove her from the play, she is cunning ploys managed to charm the actor to achieve his departure from the family. According to him, the actress used a “typical girl stuff”: the Flirty laughter, rolling eyes. It literally made Priluchnogo Shine. He looked happy, like a child.

According to one version, the intervention Karpovich led to the divorce Priluchnogo with Agatha muceniece after 10 years of marriage. Even after a divorce, the actor and claimed that in his life there was another, fans didn’t believe him. It’s too soon after his break up with wife, and with Priluchnogo Karpovich noticed on holiday by the sea together. Young people ride on the boat. Together with Paul was a seven year old son Timothy and four-year-old daughter MIA. Before that, in June 2020, a few noticed during a walk in Moscow.

Recently it became known that Priluchny and Karpovich began to live under the same roof. According to rumors, the star moved to the beloved in the same house from which he recently drove Agatha muceniece. Neighbors from the new sweetheart of the actor are in shock. They have heard of Miroslava brings his orders and argues with the housekeeper, saying that she was in this house, the mistress, wrote