is she Coming or not coming? The Champions League Reform is all the rage. It is to be a king class, the plans of the Uefa, in which only the clubs from the Top leagues play to. This would mean that the Swiss clubs could join in (LOOK told).

The European football Association, promises to be more marketing revenue in the international competitions. Is discussed, a new System of season 2024/25. Is decided, but still nothing.

League CEO Claudius Schäfer is against this Reform. He calls the soccer Congress, which went out this week in the Stade de Suisse on stage, all of the club representatives to position themselves loudly against the planned Changes.

“It is a closed Champions League. 24 participants will be fix. Four will come from below, from today’s Europa League,” explains Schäfer. “There has to be a movement that fights against this notion. The Uefa noted, it only leagues and a few smaller clubs, the rebellion here is not. No, there are actually all of the. The don’t want nobody.”

The Swiss football would otherwise lose tension. Schaefer continued: “It’s supposed to be able to continue to be the dream of every club to play against Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. If there are no more, then we all lose.”

Germany, however,

shepherd receives support from the League. All clubs of the first two German leagues voted on Wednesday night against the plans of the Uefa. Also, the top clubs Bayern and Dortmund do not want the Champions League Reform. “A possible Reform should be to all stakeholders to meet, not only a few,” said DFL managing Director Christian Seifert. The concept of “fatal and non-acceptable consequences, because it would in the medium endanger to long term, the existence of national leagues”. (mam)