He did not look at the cards after the 2:2 in Bern. Just said what was off in the Stade de Suisse (and that was a lot) was not comparable with what would be expected of the Bernese in the Marakana. What is it? “You’ll see.”

And the says but a man who has played for Olympiakos Piraeus and in Turkey, where guests will find a kind of hell.
Olympiakos but was only one of very many stations, the native of the Bosnians, whose parents emigrated to Germany as a Small-Marko was two years of age, has passed. After his Bundesliga-time at Gladbach and Werder Bremen, he went to Chelsea was by the Londoners but borrowed: Sevilla, Fiorentina, Anderlecht, and last Trabzonspor, before he signed in Athens. the “In Olympiakos, I played great. There, I’ve made the most goals in my career.” not played But on a September day in 2016 in Bern, as Marin for the first Time against YB and 1:0 won.

world Cup participant 2010

For Chelsea, he made just six games, however, remained something back from England, because they celebrated only 1.70 meters small Director, as the “German Messi”. What the Serbs grateful later recordings. Only because of the body will be size but not to Messi, and certainly not in England. Marin started in the League, decided in favour of the DFB and against the country of his birth Bosnia, made immediately U16 internationals and Jogi Löw in 2008, into the expanded European championship squad was called, , not made the Cut but. For the 2010 world Cup, however, will. In South Africa, Marin came twice to use.

in 2018, he moved to red star. On the last day before the closure of the transfer window, after two months of negotiations. More out of embarrassment, it seemed, and as some thought, while other enchanted goods. Especially since Marin made first that red star for it is not a step backwards, and, secondly, more than a club. the “It is the club I love.”

Smart words, which is not surprising in Marin. He was in Frankfurt, where he grew up, as well as in Gladbach in a grammar school, and graduated with a vocational diploma.
At YB has not made Vincent Sierro just the Matura, but also a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. 1:0 for Bern …