The French media clearly criticized the organizers after the chaos before the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool FC. The events in Paris left “the smack of a fiasco” wrote “Le Parisien”.

“Shameful evening”: The newspaper “Le Figaro” wrote of a “shameful evening at the Stade de France” and “an organization that was far from being on the level of such an event”. The incidents left “a catastrophic image of France in Europe. Unable to organize an event of this magnitude the way it should be.”

“Incomprehension and shame”: The sports daily “L’Equipe” also saw “an absolute fiasco” and wrote that this would not surprise anyone “who followed Ligue 1 this season”. You feel “a mixture of anger, incomprehension and shame at the incompetence of the French organizers, which could have had dramatic consequences if the Liverpool fans had not been infinitely patient”.

Interior Minister criticizes fans: Due to massive problems with admission, the start of the final was delayed by 36 minutes. The police used tear gas. The European Football Union UEFA explained the chaos by the high number of fans without valid tickets. The French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin also referred to it on Twitter. He explained that fans “sometimes attacked law enforcement.”

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