The Lipo-Park in Schaffhausen is the second-newest stadium in Switzerland – but the future of the first two and half years ago opened a 8000-seat Arena is completely uncertain.

The reason: At the stadium General Assembly on Friday evening, the mud battle between the former club owner-the Fontana family, and the new FCS-Boss Roland Klein in the expected scandal culminates. Small is not, as he himself announced as a new Board of Directors for the election of the FCS-boss shows up at the AGM, not once!

The Crazy thing: The bundle of paper, which the 91,72% of the stadium representing shares, is at the AGM untouched on a table. It is the stock package, which is to pass by the Fontana family is too Small. The new FCS chief denied, but the assumption, as he looks at the society as a non-debt-free – the other side insists on the opposite. All conditions for Delivery are met.

It is statement against statement. The many questions from the audience of small shareholders, no one answered. Because of the retiring Board of Directors, Marco Truckenbrod Fontana, is also missing: He is on sick leave. The GM is sinking in Chaos.

the stadium-AG is without a Board of Directors. The fight goes on, the risk of the Liquidation of the company. Clear that the home of Murat Yakin’s young FCS team on Saturday degenerates against Chiasso to the next thing. (red)